Newest acquisition: Illinois State University- Milner Library

I am very happy to announce the latest acquisition of Onomasticon by the Milner Library for their special collections. Along with Yale University, Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee I am excited to see Onomasticon as part of another great collection. Libraries continue to be a priority for me when placing this work.


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Interview in Dreamfever Magazine

Very excited to share the recent publication of an interview I did with Dreamfever Magazine. Check out the magazine HERE. And download a digital copy HERE.

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CODEX International Book Fair 2013

Hello, just quick update. I will be exhibiting Feb 9th-13th at the CODEX book fair in Richmond, CA.

Please stop by and see the first 12 books in the series. I will have previews of two brand new books (#11 and #12) at my table.


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Onomasticon to be presented at SVA’s 26th Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists

I am very happy to announce that I will be presenting Onomasticon in NYC at SVA in October at the WORDIMAGE/IMAGEWORD conference.

More details to come but I am excited to participate in an event that is focusing it’s attention on language and art.

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Book #4: internecine featured in Voices of Photography from Taiwan

I am very happy to announce that book #4 from onomasticon was chosen for a feature by Larissa Leclair from the Indie Photobook Library in the new issue of Voices of Photography—a publication from Taiwan. Many thanks to Larissa Leclair and Wei-I Lee!

Voices of Photography, Issue #4

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Onomasticon now available at PhotoEye (online)

I am very happy to announce that Onomasticon subscriptions are listed on the Photo-eye web site. I want to thank Melanie and the Photo-eye team for working with my to get this into their catalog. Photo-eye does not stock the project (since it is currently available as a subscription) but you can see a BookTease™ and help spread the word.

See the Photo-Eye listing here.

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Two New Books + New Exhibition

I am happy to announce the release of books #5 and #6. Jejune and Attenuate have been shipped to Onomasticon subscribers and I have just posted pages and images for those books. Attenuate includes a new pocket structure and Jejune is the first book in this series to use a semi-gloss surface paper.

Additionally, Onomasticon has will be included in an upcoming exhibition at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee – Libraries, this exhibition will open October 10th, 2011.

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Exhibitions + Libraries + More

I am happy to announce two upcoming exhibitions that will include books from Onomasticon. A selection of books will be on display at the Photographic Resource center at Boston University as well as the Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago Rooms. I have added the exhibitions + collections page to share information about exhibitions that include Onomasticon. Additionally I have started a list of the the subscribers/collections that are acquiring Onomasticon.

Unfortunately I have had to make an adjustment to the additional shipping costs for international orders. Shipping costs have exceeded my estimates from the time the project was announced over a year ago. These new prices are now include on the ordering and subscriptions pages. All subscriptions are the same price, international orders require an additional shipping charge.

New books are on the way.

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Book #4: Internecine

I’m happy to announce ‘internecine’ the fourth book in the series ‘onomasticon’. Nine images of the book are now posted HERE.

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Book #3, Onomasticon progresses

I participated in Photolucida here in Portland last month and unexpectedly debut the newest book prolix to a number of reviewers and participants over the weekend. We were all fortunate to experience the Indie Photobook Library as well. So many fantastic books that represent both the history and resurgence of self publish in the world of photography. I will be submitting onomasticon to the IPL in the coming month.

I have published pages for the first three official books. No more images of maquettes! More to come. Enjoy and keep checking back. *ian

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