Onomasticon has started &
New Website

The project has begun and so far things are moving along nicely. The first book is slightly behind schedule due to some confusion regarding the archival qualities of some materials.

All the materials have arrived and the first two books are in production.  Keep checking back for new images and videos that will document the next 24 months and 26 books that will make up Onomasticon. (be sure to grab the RSS feed to get updates)

Thanks. *ian

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Kickstarting Funding Successful!

The KickStarter fund-raising was successful in acquiring a new subscriber and seeding the project for the new year: See the results here. Over the past few months I have set up my a studio in my new home Portland, Oregon. I have relocated from Chicago in order to teach at Portland State University. Everything is still on track for the first book in the Onomastion series to be delivered in January. I will be preparing to rework this web site so that I can better document the project over the next two year. More updates coming in the next month. Thanks for your support.

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KickStarter Week #6

Onomasticon hit the road last week, visiting libraries and museums in Ohio. Read more in the 
new update at KickStarter. Check it out here: Week #6 Update

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KickStarter Week#5

New update at KickStarter. Check it out here: Week #5 Update

Here is the video of the book case debossing tests:

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KickStarter Update

New update at Kickstarter. I’ll be using that space for updates until the fund raising is complete. Check it out here: http://kck.st/aOMK5e

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Book Case in Progress

Last week I made a visit to the TIPINFOLD studio to see the book case in progress, I’ve posted a video of the case on my KickStater page http://kck.st/aOMK5e see it here as well.

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Project Announced

Today Onomasticon was announced to my list of contacts. I am hoping word of mouth will help the project spread while I am conversing with collectors and libraries. I have started a KickStarter project to help supplement the production of the book cases. 
See the project here: http://kck.st/aOMK5e

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