Onomasticon is a limited edition artist book project by Ian J. Whitmore

Inspired by a prevailing sense of non-place in contemporary American urban and suburban landscape, Onomasticon presents a new vocabulary for these ubiquitous, yet abstract spaces.

This series is comprised of 26 artists books. Each book will pair a single word—corresponding to a letter of the alphabet—with corresponding imagery. This new vocabulary will be composed of words both obscure and familiar to facilitated a dialogue about these liminal, non-places that surround us.

While the books’ focus will be the photographic images, they may also explore any number of media, including drawing, graphics, screen printing, etc.

These individual books become documents; experimenting with and exploring both visual literacy and written language.

The 26 book series will form a new vocabulary for the non-place in American landscape.

The entire set of books will be available on a subscription basis, where each book will be crafted, editioned and delivered over the course of 24 months.

Books will only be available through subscription—these books will not be available individually.

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